Virtual Machine Inspection
Purchasing medical equipment and need someone to inspect it for you?
Do a "virtual inspection" so you don't have to waste your time traveling.

Virtual Machine Inspection Linac
Virtual Machine Inspection CT Scanner

R.O.S. Will:

    1. Show up at the inspection on your behalf
    2. Provide you with a live video feed so you can "be there"
    3. Allow you to virtually see the machine, open covers, operate it, interview the staff and clinicians, walk the removal path, and more


R.O.S. Specializes in:

    • Linear Accelerator Inspections
    • Tomotherapy System Inspections
    • CT Simulator Inspections
    • Physics Equipment Inspections
    • Cyberknife System Inspections
    • Laser Inspections
    • CT Scanner Inspections
    • MRI Scanner Inspections
    • PET/CT Scanner Inspections
    • C-Arm Inspections
    • Ultrasound Unit Inspections
    • Gamma Camera Inspections
    • Mammography System Inspections

Don't spend your precious time traveling to inspect equipment when our trained professionals can do it for you.

Please contact R.O.S. today to find out more. Call us at 1 (858) 454-8100, or email

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