When you purchase a refurbished system from ROS, you can be sure that you are getting a system that will perform and look like it came right off the factory floor. ROS’s refurbishment solutions begin with quality in mind and we can recommend a tailored-solution to fit your needs.

For a refurbished linear accelerator, refurbished CT scanner and or capital medical equipment, contact Radiology Oncology Systems for tailored refurbishment solutions to match your budget and clinical needs.

Review our current inventory:

  • Appraisals and evaluations
  • Inspection of equipment to recommend a level of refurbishment
  • Tailored refurbishment plans
  • Transportation
  • Installation
  • Warranty, service and maintenance




Mechanical Refurbishment

Dismantled and thoroughly cleaned

Relays, boards, lamps, meters, indicators, controls and knobs are tested and replaced as needed

System is disassembled, cleaned and vacuumed

Inspected for mechanical imperfections and wear

Monitors, keypads, LEDs are tested and replaced as needed

Covers are removed, sanded and all imperfections are repaired

Components replaced as needed

Check all emergency stops for operation

Painted to original OEM color or the custom colors of your choice

Motors, switches, cooling fans, locks and gears, bearings and track surfaces are inspected and replaced as needed

Check all cables and connector and replace as needed

Optional custom paint

System calibration

Electrical components checks

Reassembly and final inspection

Exact refurbishment process will vary depending on modality, make, model and preexisting condition of equipment.

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