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One of the greatest challenges cited by medical facilities is proper disposal of large, bulky and specialized medical equipment. Whether you’re unloading old machines to move into a new space or are making replacements to improve your practice’s offerings, Radiology Oncology Systems can provide you with expert equipment disposal to suit your needs and budget. All of our professional disposal technicians are trained in proper removal of equipment, so you can trust that your facility will remain intact post-removal with no damage to structural surroundings or new and old equipment.

Additionally, Radiology Oncology Systems is pleased to provide hazardous waste removal and the removal of radioactive materials. These services are completed through the use of a licensed disposal company to ensure that your facility removes harmful materials legally and without added liability. Your radioactive waste management needs are completely taken care of with Radiology Oncology Systems’ medical waste disposal partners. Our team is committed to tailoring expert-level logistics to ensure that your disposal job gets done on time and within your budget.


  • Safe, proper equipment removals from the facility
  • Careful attention to avoid unnecessary damage to structural surroundings
  • Complex structural removals including crane and elevator shaft removals
  • Disposal of hazardous or radioactive materials through a licensed disposal company
  • Baseframe removals

If you’re ready to organize your disposal service, you can contact Radiology Oncology Systems today via phone at 858-454-8100 or request more information on equipment disposals through our on-page form. You may also quickly request a quote to determine an estimated cost of your disposal job. We’re committed to providing affordable disposal and will work within your facility’s budget. Radiology Oncology Systems offers a wide range of high-quality, responsive services for your radiology oncology and diagnostic imaging needs. We also supply reliable equipment appraisal, refurbishment, relocations and financing. 

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Rigging Rigging

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