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Gamma Knife® Decommissioning Services

ROS, in cooperation with Foss Therapy Services, offers removal and disposal services for older cobalt-60 radiotherapy machines and Gamma Knife® systems.

Now, a budget-friendly way of removing and disposing of older, used Gamma Knife® systems.

  • Decommission an older system no longer in use
  • Free up space for newer systems
  • Free up dollars for your next equipment project
  • Complies with all RAM QC directives

Foss Therapy Services, Inc. has developed the tooling, procedures and personnel to decommission Gamma Knife® Model B cobalt-60 Irradiators.

Complete package includes:

  • Source Unloading (including utilization of Type B(U) transport packages)
  • Source Transport  (in compliance with all RAM QC directives)
  • Source Disposal (Certificate of Possession Transfer to be issued)
  • Device Disposal (Certificate of Possession Transfer to be issued)

A turn-key operation where the customer is relieved of all future ownership and responsibility for the radioactive material and the device.

Up front work:

  • Perform site visit to confirm rigging/logistics requirements.
  • Scheduling personnel and cask availability - typically 60 days.
  • Complete Regulatory notifications.
  • Deliver removal equipment to hospital.

Schedule of work:

  • Day 1 / 2 Dismantle Gamma Knife® unit and move into position for unloading.
  • Day 3 / 4 Set up equipment for unloading.
  • Day 5 / 6 Unload 201 cobalt-60 sources from Gamma Knife® Unit.
    (Delays for stuck sources could add 1 – 2 days.)
  • Day 7 Package and ship sources, begin equipment teardown.
  • Day 8 Finish loading equipment, move Gamma Knife® Unit for disposal.

Gamma Knife® is a registered trademark of Elekta Medical Systems

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