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Product  Category Manufacturer Model Year
GE Discovery 690 16 Slice PETCT 18I18 PET/CT GE Discovery 2011
GE Discovery 710 128 Slice PET/CT 18F10 PET/CT GE Discovery 2015
GE Discovery ST 16 Slice PETCT 16B04 PET/CT GE Discovery ST 16 2005
GE Discovery ST 16 Slice PETCT 17E49
GE Discovery ST 8 PET/CT Scanner 18F36 PET/CT GE Discovery 2003
GE Discovery VCT 64 Slice PETCT Scanner 18E02 PET/CT GE Discovery VCT 2007
Philips Gemini 16 Slice Mobile PETCT 16J87 PET/CT
Philips Gemini Dual PET/CT 16H09 PET/CT Philips Gemini 2003
Philips Gemini GXL 16 Slice PET/CT 17F15 PET/CT
Philips Gemini GXL 16 Slice PETCT Scanner 17H19 PET/CT Philips Gemini GXL 2005
Philips Gemini TF Big Bore 16 Slice PET/CT 17I06 PET/CT Philips Gemini 2009
Siemens Biograph HiRez 6 Slice Mobile PETCT 16J07 PET/CT
Siemens Biograph mCT 20 Excel PET/CT 18J06 PET/CT Siemens Biograph

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