Acceletronics and Cablon Medical BV announce the New TheraView® KV Imager system for IGRT verification

EXTON PA, and LEUSDEN, NL - August 2010 - Acceletronics Digital Imaging, LLC announces it has received 510(K) marketing clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the new RAD II KV Imager for Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). The RAD II KV Imager  can be mounted on virtually any model of linear accelerator. The new KV Imager, which is driven by TheraView® software, provides high quality X-Ray images for maximum clinical efficiency and resolution. With hundreds of TheraView® installations world-wide, the TheraView® KV Imager is a natural product evolution of its legacy MV (mega-voltage) imaging product line. The TheraView ® KV Imager seamlessly integrates with existing TheraView® EPIDs, as well, as with linear accelerators that have other brands of electronic portal imaging devices. The TheraView ® KV system is the only X-Ray based, iso-centric, IGRT solution that can be mounted to all brands of linear accelerators, allowing a seamless upgrade to KV-Imaging IGRT.

“The KV-Imager is a natural extension of the TheraView ® MV-based (electronic portal imaging device) IGRT solution that we and Cablon Medical have been marketing and selling worldwide for many years,” states Mr. James Young, VP of Sales and Application Support for Acceletronics. “After completing three successful installations at U.S. beta sites, we are pleased to offer the product in the U.S. and abroad.”

“Kilovoltage (KV) imaging offers improved image resolution to allow clinicians greater detail when performing pre-treatment tumor position verification. Once the high resolution image is acquired, the TheraView TargetCheck® workstation provides a comparison between the newly acquired image and the original patient position image or DRR”, continued Mr. Young.  “If the patient is not in the correct position, the therapist can easily reposition the patient directly from the treatment console using the remote-couch feature, also referred to as the TheraView® Couch Set-up Assistant (TCSA), which is a standard feature in the TheraView® KV package.

TheraView® Imaging systems are manufactured by Cablon Medical BV in The Netherlands, and the RAD II KV Imager is manufactured by Acceletronics Digital Imaging, LLC. in the United States.  The TheraView® KV Imager is distributed and serviced by Acceletronics, Inc., Radiology Oncology Systems (ROS) and Cablon Medical BV.

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About Cablon Medical BV (TheraView Technology)

Based in Leusden, The Netherlands, the TheraView Technology division of Cablon Medical develops, manufactures and markets TheraView ®  MV and KV Imaging Systems for use on  medical linear accelerators. Cablon Medical’s business was founded in 1978, and today includes business units that service and market industry-leading solutions for radiology, dialysis, quality assurance and radiotherapy. Cablon Medical’s customer base includes leading health care facilities throughout Europe, as well as the Pacific Rim.  Cablon Medical BV is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 46001:1994 registered company. For more information, please visit

About Acceletronics, Inc.
Acceletronics specializes in the repair and refurbishing of radiation equipment and provides preventative and emergency maintenance to hundreds of healthcare and industrial radiography facilities. Additionally, Acceletronics is a distributor of high quality, high technology, aftermarket products used to improve quality of cancer patient care. Founded in 1981, Acceletronics is one of the world's largest, independent radiotherapy equipment service organizations.  One of its subsidiaries, Acceletronics Digital Imaging, LLC, is the manufacturer of the RAD II KV Imager for IGRT.   Acceletronics is registered to ISO 9001:2008 quality system standards. For more information, visit

About Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc. (ROS)
Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc. (“ROS”) provides radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging facilities worldwide with quality, cost-effective equipment solutions. ROS specializes in refurbished linear accelerator systems, CT Simulators, HDR and MRI systems. The company also distributes a variety of radiation therapy products, including several IGRT products, including the C-RAD Sentinel ( For more information, please visit

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