Survey Results Show Positive Feedback on Used/Refurbished Medical Equipment

Ninety-six percent of clinics and hospitals in the United States that have purchased used or refurbished medical equipment have had neutral-to-positive experiences with the purchase, according to a new survey conducted in August by Radiology Oncology Systems. A total of 63 percent of all facilities surveyed had purchased used or refurbished equipment in the past.

“We found the survey results very surprising,” stated Jonathan Dixon, Senior Marketing Analyst. “We were pleased to find the responses so positive. Clearly, the vast majority of those buying and utilizing used and refurbished equipment don’t have negative experiences.”

Responses were tabulated from a combination of large hospitals, smaller hospitals, freestanding clinics, and veterinary practices. Almost 50 percent of respondents indicated that their centers were likely to purchase at least one used or refurbished system within two years. Equipment discussed included MRI systems, X-Ray systems, CT scanners, and linear accelerators used in radiation therapy.

Most respondents indicated that they purchased used or refurbished equipment due to budgetary constraints, with more than 40 percent citing a deal “too good to pass up.”

Of the different types of equipment, refurbished and used MRI systems were noted as the most likely to be purchased.

“Overall, this is encouraging news for both the healthcare and medical equipment industries,” said Ryan Schock, Radiology Oncology Systems VP of Imaging Equipment. “As the healthcare industry continues to focus on cost-cutting measures, lightly used and refurbished equipment that sells for significant discounts will be preferred over new machines.”

Click here for the complete list of survey results.


Radiology Oncology Systems is a global provider of radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging equipment, accessories and related services. It provides both pre-owned and new equipment. Included in its product portfolio are CT Scanners, MRI systems, linear accelerator systems, PET/CT systems and many other products. Its mission is to expand the quality and quantity of patient care in the U.S. and around the world by providing cost-effective equipment solutions. For more information, visit or email

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