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March 4, 2011


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Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc. welcomes you to our Spring 2011 newsletter. We continue to see our community in the news, as patient safety concerns remain, and referrals for IMRT continue to raise questions. The focus on radiation therapy and patient safety issues continues. And Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc., upholds its promise to provide equipment and service solutions to improve your practice, as you focus on your patient’s care.

In our first newsletter of 2011 we focus on the expanding role of radiation therapy in the veterinarian community. We hold an in depth interview with Dr. Stephanie Correa, a board certified veterinary oncologist and owner of Animal Cancer Care Clinic in South Florida. In her interview Dr. Correa explains how radiation therapy is developing in veterinary medicine, including the use of IMRT, along with offering insight as to how the economy has impacted client’s decisions to proceed with radiation therapy treatments for their pets. We hope you enjoy this interview and feel free to engage us with any questions.

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Dr. Profile – Stephanie Correa, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

R.O.S. Editor: How long has radiation therapy been available for veterinary patients?

Dr. Correa: External beam radiation therapy has been available to canine and feline patients for years, but it is only within the last 5-7 years that radiation therapy has become more widely accessible to our veterinary patients. Radiation treatment centers for veterinary patients are now currently available in most metropolitan areas in the United States and the majority of veterinary schools also offer radiation therapy treatments.

R.O.S. Editor: What are some of the typical types of cancers that you see in your patient mix?

Dr. Correa: The most common cancers treated with radiation therapy that we see in our veterinary patients are mast cell tumors, soft tissue sarcoma, oral melanomas, and lymphoma. We also commonly perform palliative treatments for patients with osteosarcoma, anal sac carcinoma, and feline squamous cell carcinoma.

R.O.S. Editor: What type of cancers to you utilize IMRT for?

Dr. Correa: In our veterinary patients IMRT is mostly utilized for the treatment of head and neck tumors, especially nasal tumors. This is in an attempt to minimize toxicity to dose limiting tissues like the eyes.

R.O.S. Editor: Have you seen an increase in successful treatment outcomes due to IMRT?

Dr. Correa: Because most tumors present at higher stages, IMRT has not proven to be superior to 3DCRT.

R.O.S. Editor: How has the economic downturn impacted your client’s decision to proceed with radiation therapy treatments?

Dr. Correa: Clients continue to be extremely committed to the care of their pets with cancer. Most clients have been touched by cancer in their own lives with a friend or relative that has been diagnosed with cancer. People understand that there are curative options available to treat cancer, and they want those options when their pets are diagnosed with cancer. The current economic situation has forced people to think about what is important and evaluate where they want to spend their money. Our clients continue to choose to treat their pets with cancer since these patients are considered family members.

R.O.S. Editor: Recently, we have seen veterinarian radiation oncologist acquire Tomotherapy and even Cyberknife systems.  Do you see this as a trend towards these technologies in veterinary RT or more as a niche and why?

Dr. Correa: Currently, these systems appear to be more of a niche and available at a few locations for veterinary patients. Until prospective studies are performed to prove or disprove an advantage over traditional 3DCRT, the true application and use of these systems in veterinary medicine may be limited.

R.O.S. Editor: What do you think the future holds for veterinary cancer care in general?

Dr. Correa: As cancer research continues, and more and more options for treatment are available in the clinical setting, people will want those cutting edge treatments for their pets, as well. The future for veterinary cancer patients is optimistic with a wider range of targeted therapies available that have fewer side effects for our patients.

Thank you Dr. Correa. Stephanie Correa, DVM is a Board Certified Medical Oncologist in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She recently opened Animal Cancer Care Clinic, which is a new veterinary radiation oncology facility. To learn more about Dr. Correa and her practice visit her website at

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What’s Hot – Equipment

Here is a brief listing of some of the machines that R.O.S. has recently provided for its clients:

  • Varian 21EX linear accelerator, manufactured in 2004, with 120 MLC and Portal Vision. Installed in the U.S.
  • Varian 21iX linear accelerator, manufactured in 2007, with OBI, 120 MLC, and Portal Vision. Shipped to an international client.
  • Elekta Precise linear accelerator, manufactured in 2001. Shipped to an international client.
  • Philips AcQsim large bore CT. Installed in Washington.
  • Toshiba Opart MRI system. Installed in Pennnsylvania.
  • Siemens Oncor linear accelerator, maufactured in 2004. Shipped to an international client.

To see an updated list of our current inventory, please visit

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ROS Employee Profile –
Andrew Ecklund

Andrew Eckland

R.O.S. Editor: What are your responsibilities at R.O.S.?

Andrew Ecklund:  I am a client manager on the Radiation Oncology (Rad-Onc) Team here at R.O.S.  My responsibilities vary from day to day, but my primary responsibility is to research and recommend radiation therapy equipment options for our clients.  I spend a lot of my time with new clients, concentrating on linear accelerators and CT projects.  I am involved in a lot of project management, coordinating de-installations and installations of linear accelerators and CT’s.

R.O.S. Editor: What has been the most rewarding part working at R.O.S.?

Andrew Ecklund: I enjoy speaking with new people every day, developing relationships with new clients, and continuing to grow and learn within the Radiation Oncology community. I really find rewarding managing and seeing a project develop from start to finish. It is a great feeling of accomplishment to see a happy and satisfied customer after all the hard work you put into a project. It is also an amazing feeling to know that you were a part of something larger than you, and the machine you provided will be treating patients and improving lives for years to follow.

R.O.S. Editor: What are some of the daily challenges that you face?

Andrew Ecklund: One of my biggest challenges is finding customer options involving rare or uncommon equipment systems. There is a lot of competition for good equipment, and it takes a lot of effort to acquire the perfect machine when the client requires something that is not considered standard.

R.O.S. Editor: What are some of your hobbies?

Andrew Ecklund: I enjoy travelling, surfing, travelling to surf, and playing the guitar. I love all sports, and played football and baseball most of my life.  I take pride in living an active and healthy lifestyle, and staying on my feet, whether it’s working out at the gym, swimming, running, playing sports, surfing, etc. 

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ROS Is Growing To Better Serve You

Ryan Schock

Ryan Schock
Client Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

Ryan is one of the members of the R.O.S. Diagnostic Imaging Equipment team. Ryan’s duties at the firm include the sale of used and refurbished imaging equipment. Ryan grew up in Hawaii then moved to the East Coast where he attended Radford University in Virginia. After college, he moved to San Diego in 1997. Ryan loves to spend his time with his wife. He also enjoys surfing, reading, and playing with his dog, Pepper.

Christina Hall

Christina Hall
Client Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

Christina joined R.O.S. as a member of the Diagnostic Imaging team – providing clients with solutions to their equipment needs. Christina grew up in Southern California. She graduated from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Health Science. Christina is currently an MBA candidate at National University. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, outdoor sports, and traveling. Christina’s past work experience has been in Biotech and Healthcare, respectively.

Megan Guy

Megan Guy
Associate, Finance & Administation

Megan’s primary focus at R.O.S. is assisting the management, sales, and administration teams with finance and operational support. Before joining the R.O.S. team, Megan worked in accounting and auditing for a large luxury resort. Megan attended Chapman University in Orange, California where she earned a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. She is a native San Diegan and enjoys running, traveling, reading, attending concerts and watching San Diego sports.

Ingrid Pearson

Ingrid Pearson
Assistant, Marketing & Communications

Ingrid’s primary responsibilities at R.O.S. include internal & external communications, marketing campaigns, maintaining media outlets, and market analysis. Recently, Ingrid graduated from UC San Diego, with a degree in Communication & Cognitive Science. Originally from Northern California she now enjoys residing in San Diego, traveling, spending time with friends and family, reading, playing tennis and golf, and going to the beach. She joins R.O.S. with a background in sales, market ing, and business development.

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We thank you for taking the time to review our newsletter, and we hope you found it useful. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming newsletter, please reply to

We thank you for being a valued R.O.S. client, and look forward to serving you in 2011 and beyond.

John Vano
President, R.O.S.


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