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September 22, 2011

ASTRO is almost here!

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With this year’s ASTRO Conference being held in Miami, Florida, we can be sure to see doctors, manufacturers and radiation therapy professionals from around the world mingling together, expanding on the latest ideas, and exploring exciting new technologies and equipment.

In this newsletter we focus on the growth of radiation therapy in Latin America. We hold an in depth interview with Dr. Luis Coronado, CEO of OncoServ, an international network of cancer treatment clinics equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for radiation oncology and medical oncology. In his interview Dr. Coronado explains how the radiation therapy landscape has changed since his center first opened, while making predictions about the future of cancer care treatment in the Dominican Republic. We also look at the way refurbished radiation therapy equipment is helping to expand cancer treatment in Latin American countries.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter, feel free to engage us with any questions and be sure to stop by our booth #1907 at the 53rd annual ASTRO meeting in Miami, Florida, October 2nd-6th, 2011.  

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Luis Coronado
Doctor Profile -
Luis Coronado - CEO, OncoServe

Dr. Luis Coronado is the CEO of OncoServ, a network of radiation therapy centers in Latin America.  We asked him about one of his newly built centers in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

R.O.S. Editor: How has the radiation therapy landscape changed since you first opened your cancer clinic in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic?
Dr. Coronado: Dramatically... Four years ago, when we opened the clinic, there was only one linear accelerator in the Dominican Republic-- an early eighties Varian system, along with two pretty old Cobalt systems from the sixties; today, there are eight linear accelerators and we are installing two more at our new clinic in Santo Domingo. That means a total of ten linear accelerators by the end of 2011.
R.O.S. Editor: What are some of the typical types of cancers that you see in your patient mix?

Dr. Coronado: The most common type is breast cancer, followed by prostate and cervical. We have seen the same mix since we opened the cancer clinic four years ago.

R.O.S. Editor: What type of cancers to you utilize IMRT for?

Dr. Coronado:  Mostly for prostate, although we also use it for brain.

R.O.S. Editor: Have you seen an increase in successful treatment outcomes due to IMRT?

Dr. Coronado: Yes, definitely; with IMRT the patient has a much better tolerance for higher doses and that helps to increase the number of successful results.
R.O.S. Editor: Have you seen a noticeable improvement in patient outcomes in the Dominican Republic over the past few years?

Dr. Coronado: Yes, I have... the quality of the offerings for cancer care that existed in the Dominican Republic when we arrived here four years ago was mediocre, with limited and old equipment, as well as a lack of qualified professionals. We opened our clinic in January 2008 and brought highly qualified and experience doctors, physicists and technologists from other countries. Nowadays the availability of cancer care services is much broader and significantly better.  However, although we now see really good equipment, there is still a scarcity of highly trained, qualified professionals.   This is in part due to the fact that medical schools or teaching hospitals in the Dominican Republic do not offer the radiation therapy specializations.  And few new professionals have moved to the country since.

R.O.S. Editor: What do you think the future holds for cancer care in the Dominian Republic?

Dr. Coronado: The country has ten million people, mostly concentrated in Santo Domingo and surrounding areas (40%) and the Cibao region (35%).  As a developing country, the Dominican Republic is growing significantly.  More and more people are getting better jobs, and new laws and regulations are improving the social security system that cover catastrophic illnesses.  The country has enough cancer clinics now to cover the growing demand, but the need for radiotherapy professionals is significant problem. We will be opening our new clinic in Santo Domingo by November, with two linear accelerators, one GyroKnife (a new radio surgery machine for the whole body), chemotherapy, braquitherapy in 3D and more... and we are bringing new technical professionals from other countries to work in this new facility. This way, we can provide the two densest regions of the country (75% of the total population), the highest quality cancer care.

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Miami, FL - The Gateway to Latin America


Miami Beach, Florida is sure to draw a large contingency of radiation oncology professionals from Central and South America attending this year’s ASTRO conference. 21st Century Oncology’s recent acquisition of a network of 26 radiation oncology centers in Latin America is also drawing more focus on the development of radiation therapy clinics in Latin America.

Although every country in Latin America is unique, there is an ever growing demand for radiation therapy equipment in both public and private hospitals.  Most private centers cannot afford the more expensive and newer technologies, and will often seek refurbished machines to provide care for their patients. 

Brazil is by far the largest country in Latin America.  Over the past few years, Brazil has passed laws to restrict, or even ban, the importation of less expensive, used radiation therapy equipment.  The laws of economics dictate that a reduced supply of affordable machines will ultimately result in fewer patients being treated with radiation therapy.  The good news, however, is that those patients that are able to obtain treatment will get treatment with newer equipment and technology.

Conversely, Argentina sees very limited sales of new equipment.  Most centers operate using used/refurbished equipment, namely because recent economic problems in Argentina are requiring practitioners to operate their centers with very low cost structures.  So while patients can access treatment in broad areas of the country, few are treated with the newer technologies (i.e. VMAT, IGRT).

Mexico, and most other Latin American other countries, fall somewhere in between, with a healthy mixture of new and refurbished equipment being sold each year.  Larger, public hospitals or wealthier private centers offer newer equipment.  Private centers, and those in more remote regions, are able to open and operate using refurbished equipment, mostly coming from the U.S.

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What's Hot - Current Equipment Offerings from ROS


Varian 21EX Linear Accelerator
-Millennium 120 MLC
-aS1000 Portal Vision
-IMRT software
-6 & 15 MV
-6,9,12,16,20 MeV
-Manufactured in 2003
-Available December 2011

Varian 21EX Linear Accelerator
-Millennium 120 MLC
-aS500 Portal Vision
-IMRT software (dMLC & AFS)
-6 & 23 MV
-6,9,12,16,20 MeV
-Under 1,000 beam hours
-Manufactured in 2003
-Available Now

Siemens Oncor Impression Linear Accelerator
-Manufacured in 2006
-Optifocus 82 Leaf MLC
-Optivue 500 Portal Imaging System
-6 & 10 MV
-5-14 MeV
-ZXT couch
-Available December 2011

Elekta SL-Precise Linear Accelerator
-Manufacured in 2002
-Elekta 80 Leaf MLC
-iView GT Portal Imaging System
-IMRT software
-6 & 10 MV
-6,9,12,14,16,18 MeV
-Precise Couch
-Available March 2012

GE LightSpeed RT 4 CT Simulator
-Low use x-ray tube
-Quad slice detector
-80cm gantry aperture (wide bore)
-Available Now

To see an updated list of our current inventory, please visit

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Total Solution Package   



If you are planning to attend this year’s meeting, please be sure to stop by these booths in the Exhibit Hall (open Oct. 2-4 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Booth No. 636
Ask about:  Repair, maintenance, parts and relocations for your radiation therapy equipment

Booth No. 443
Ask about:  State-of-the-art treatment planning systems and oncology information systems

Radiology Oncology Systems (ROS)
Booth No. 1907
Ask about:  Used and refurbished radiation oncology equipment, including linear accelerators and CT Simulators

This year, the three companies are joining together to offer a “Total Solution Package,” consisting of (1) a late-model, refurbished linear accelerator system, (2) a Prowess treatment planning system and oncology information system, and (3) warranty and service for both the hardware and the software.

Please be sure to stop by any of the booths to pickup your “ Total Solution Package ” Bingo entry card, and join us for some fun during the show.

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As a parting gift - Bring a copy of the ASTRO edition of the ROS Newsletter to our booth #1907 at ASTRO 2011 and receive a reusable bag!

We thank you for taking the time to review our newsletter, and we hope you found it useful. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming newsletter, please reply to .
John Vano
President, R.O.S.



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