ASTRO 2014

ASTRO is our favorite time of year at ROS. This annual meeting gives us all a chance to meet our valued customers, partners, and industry leaders of Radiation Oncology. For 2014, the conference was held in San Francisco, the always entertaining destination for work or play.

One of the biggest topics this year was the proposed CMS reimbursement cuts. For now, the sweeping changes are being pushed down the road. ROS is a firm believer that every cancer patient in the world should have access to quality cancer care and diagnostic imaging services. It is our hope that freestanding centers in the US, and abroad, are able to continue their existence filling a much needed accessibility role for patient care.

Michael Teague, Director of Radiation Oncology at ROS shares a personal account of why expanding the reach of cancer care is so important to us as a company, and why our people care so compassionately.

Outside of the political topics and technological news headlines, ASTRO remains an annual destination for us to solidify our relationships with clients. A big thank you from everyone at ROS to those that stopped by booth 1638 this year!

Radiology Oncology Systems Client Services Team at ASTRO 2014 in San Francisco

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