Philips Short Bore MRI Systems Comparison Chart

Model Intera 1.5 T Infinion 1.5 T
Clinical Application Whole body Whole body
Configuration Short Bore Compact Ultra Short Bore
Synchronization ECG/peripheral: Optional/yes, respiratory gating ECG/peripheral, respiratory gating
Imaging Modes Single Slice 2D, Multi Single Slice 2D, Multi Slice 2D, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D Single Slice, Single Volume, Multi Slice, Multi volume
FOV Max. 53 cm 0.4 - 56 cm
Magnet Type Superconducting Superconducting
Bore Diameter 60 cm diameter (patient) 60 cm diameter (patient)
Magnet Weight 2900 kg 4100 kg w/ cryogen's
H*W*D 240 x 188 x 157 cm 233 (lead fitted) x 198 x 140 cm
Power Requirements 380/400 V 400/480 V
Cooling System N/A Closed-loop, chilled water
Cryogen Use 0.03 L/hr helium 0.06 L/hr helium
Field Strength 1.5 T 1.5 T
Strength 30 mT/m 30 mT/m
5 Guass Fringe Field 2.4 m/3.8 m 3.0 m/5.0 m


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