Other MRI Systems Comparison Chart

Manufacturer Fonar Corporation GE Lunar ONI Medical Systems, Inc. United Imaging - uMR OMEGA
Model Upright Artoscan MSK - Extreme Whole body
Clinical Application Whole body - weight bearing MRI- position imaging (flexion, extension, bending, standing, sitting and recumbent scanning) Dedicated extremity Dedicated extremity imaging Ultra-wide Bore
Configuration Front-open and Top-open MRI Closed Open MRI magnet
Synchronization N/A N/A No
Imaging Modes N/A Single, multislice, volume study, fast scan, multi slab, cine Scout, single, multislice, volume
FOV Min. 6.0 cm 10 - 20 cm 4 cm - 16 cm
Magnet Type Iron-frame electromagnet Ferrite Permanent Superconducting Superconducting
Bore Diameter 45.72 cm horizontal N/A 28 cm ID x 50 cm L 75 cm
Magnet Weight N/A 965 kg 635 kg 3.5MW
H*W*D N/A N/A 146 x 69 x 84 cm 60 x 60 x 50
Power Requirements 380/400/415/ 440/480 V 100/110/200/ 220/230/240 V 115VAC, 1 phase, 20A; 208VAC, 3 phase, 30A
Cooling System Water, closed-loop N/A L He with 2 stage cold head
Cryogen Use N/A N/A Negligible Liquid Helium
Field Strength 0.6 T 0.2 T 1.0 T 3T
Strength 12 mT/m 10 mT/m 15 mT/m 45 mT/m & 200 T/m/s
5 Guass Fringe Field N/A 28 cm/60 cm 1.25 m radial x 1.8 m axial


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