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Neusoft MRI Systems Comparison Chart

Model Superstar0.35T
Clinical Application Whole body
Configuration N/A
Synchronization N/A
Imaging Modes 2D / 3D TOF 2D/3D PC CE-MRA
FOV 5-400 mm
Magnet Type Permanent
Bore Diameter 40 cm
Magnet Weight 17,237 kg
Power Requirements N/A
Cooling System Water/Air Cooling
Cryogen Use N/A
Field Strength 0.35 T
Strength 26 mT/m
Pulse Sequences Spin echo 2D(SE2D) Spin echo 3D (SE 3D) Fast field echo (FFE) T1/T2/N-Fast field echo (FFE) B-Fast filed echo (B-FFE) Fast field echo 3D (FFE 3D) T1-Fast field echo 3D N/B-Fast file echo 3D Turbo spin echo (TSE) Inversion recovery ( IR) IRSE Fast IR FLAIR


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