BJR 11 vs. BJR 17 Photon Energies

Dual-energy linear accelerators (also referred to as high energy linear accelerators,) are capable of producing more than one photon energy. The British Journal of Radiology (BJR) supplement 11, also referred to as BJR11, initially defined a photon’s depth dose by a specific measurement. BJR 17, some eleven years later, modified that definition. The linear accelerator’s energy definition or energy selection for photon beams will vary based on which BJR definition is used. This can sometimes be confusing (other than to medical physicists).

Photon Energies using the BJR #11 Definition 4MV 6MV 10MV 15MV 18MV 20MV 24MV
Equivalent Energies using the BJR #17 Definition 4MV 6MV 10MV 16MV 23MV 25MV 30MV
*BJR is the abbreviation for “British Journal of Radiology”

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