Experience with Linear Accelerators
Experienced Team

A Cohesive Team of Experts:
There are many moving pieces involved with a successful implementation of a linear accelerator.  It is important to identify a team of experts that will share your project vision from the onset as well as have fluid communication throughout the various project milestones.  These experts include the vault design and construction firm, equipment provider, physics support, IT integration team and your clinical implementation team.  Selecting the right members of your team represents a crucial step towards a successful project completion.  Always perform due diligence and never be afraid to ask for multiple references.

Vault Design/Construction:
Designing and building a vault capable of housing a linear accelerator requires a specialist.  While many construction companies claim they can perform this operation, they lack the experience required to execute the construction.  Having a reliable partner for vault construction will save you time and money throughout this critical phase of the project.

Equipment Provider:
Linear Accelerator equipment providers are not all created equal.  Buying equipment purely on the upfront price does not reveal the true total cost of ownership.  Outside of the OEMs, there are few companies capable of handling the delicate process of providing equipment.  Make sure you are working with a company that is willing to stand behind their offerings from the installation to the post installation support in order to ensure maximum equipment reliability as well as maximum vendor accountability.
Physics Support:
Successful patient outcomes begin with a solid quality assurance program.  Make sure your physics group has the tools and knowledge to ensure your project is a success.  From shielding design to ongoing QA, strong physics support will ensure you are offering the best possible treatment to your patients.
IT Integration:
With the convergence of hardware and software in radiation therapy, the communication between hardware and software has never been greater.  When planning an installation, it is essential to consider the impact of the linear accelerator on your IT infrastructure.  Do you have the right image archive? Are your different systems communicating together properly? What is the impact on my work flow?  These questions and more are the necessary ingredients to a successful project outcome.    Selecting an equipment vendor who understands the relationship between hardware/software and your clinical work flow will save you money and help work towards a successful project outcome.
Clinical Implementation:
Once you have your technology, the clinical implementation team is essential to offer optimized treatment delivery to your patients.  This team can consist of in-house therapists, physicists or dosemetrists.  The clinical implementation team will be responsible for understanding and creating new clinical protocols as well as optimizing workflow during the patient treatment cycle.

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