Tips for Buying a Linear Accelerator

Buying a linear accelerator takes planning, experience and a commitment to quality. These three key ingredients can work in your favor when you buy your next linear accelerator.

Planning Experience Commitment to Quality
 Planning  Experienced Team  Commitment to Quality
  •  Understand Your Clinical Goals
  •  Site Planning
  •  Time Line
  •  Budget

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  •  A Cohesive Team of Experts
  •  Vault Design/Construction
  •  Equipment Provider
  •  Physics Support
  •  IT Integration
  •  Clinical Implementation

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  •  Selecting the Right Machine
  •  Equipment Refurbishment
  •  Installation
  •  Post-installation Equipment Support

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When you’re beginning your linear accelerator research, it’s important that you take into account a variety of considerations, from general linear accelerator cost to your practice’s budget and clinical objectives. These machines are essential for any radiation oncology department that wants to be able to provide complete treatment plans and care for patients, but they do tend to be costly and complicated. Purchasing a used or refurbished LINAC machine is a great option for those looking for a more affordable solution.

So how does a linear accelerator work? Linear accelerators (LINACs) utilize microwave technology to accelerate electrons in a waveguide, which then allows the electronics to collide with a heavy metal target, generating high-energy X-ray photons that conform to a tumor’s shape and destroy cancer tissues. Here at Radiology Oncology Systems, we know that buying a LINAC machine can be daunting, so we’ve put together a guide to assist you with your purchase journey.

Should I Buy a Linear Accelerator Used or Brand-New?

Determining whether or not to purchase your linear accelerator machine used or brand-new really comes down to the specific needs and budget constraints of your facility. Used linear accelerator equipment is appropriate for practices who treat relatively few patients (fewer than 8 or 10 per day) or those who live in a country where reimbursement rates are low and you must generate profit. Additionally, pre-owned linear accelerators are a smart choice for veterinarian, research, non-medical and industrial uses.

Top Five Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Linear Accelerator

  1. Grow your Practice: Treat more patients and grow your practice with a refurbished linear accelerator. Whether you're opening a new center, adding a new treatment room, or just want to upgrade your practice, costs can be daunting. Buying refurbished frees up budget dollars to increase the size of your practice
  2. Flexibility: Backup your existing system with a redundant, beam-matched system. If a problem develops on one of your machines you will be able to transfer patients to another linear accelerator.
  3. Improve: Freeing up budget dollars also allows you to increase the quantity and quality of the patient care you provide. Improving your practice improves the lives of the patients you treat. Add new upgrades, technologies or more staff. Your patients will appreciate it.
  4. Strengthen: With the uncertainty of looming reimbursement cuts, it's important to manage expenses to ensure you can navigate through any unexpected turbulence. Using refurbished solutions lowers your risk and strengthens your practice.
  5. Peace-of-Mind: ROS' experienced client managers will provide customized project management from start-to-finish on even the most challenging assignments. And with a no-risk warranty, you can be assured we stand behind the product. So relax, we're here to help.

Quick Tips for Buying a Linear Accelerator

  • Contact a professional like Radiology Oncology Systems for personalized advice
  • Consider planning aspects such as building constraints, room dimensions, water supply, power supply, etc.
  • Create a timeline to determine when you need your equipment to be fully installed
  • Develop a budget
  • Consider how long you intend to keep the machine
  • Decide which manufacturers your prefer
  • Determine whether you want to add upgrades or accessories

Once you’ve given these things some thought, you can reach out to us at Radiology Oncology Systems and we’ll take care of everything for you, from the planning process to shipping logistics and installation. See our Linear Accelerator Buyer’s Guide for more in-depth information.

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