Radiation Therapy

Since our firm's inception in 1997, ROS has specialized in providing radiation oncology practices with refurbished linear accelerators, CT simulators and conventional simulators.

Refurbished Radiation Therapy Solutions

Elektra Linear Accelerator
Refurbished Linear Accelerators Refurbished CT
Conventional Simulator
Refurbished Conventional Simulator  

Radiation Therapy Equipment Services

A successful equipment purchase decision should include an array of equipment services such as turn-key installations, crating for international shipment, single and/or multi-year warranties, clinical applications training, and upgrades/accessories.


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Radiation Therapy Upgrades and Accessories

Our goal is to help you simplify the buying process when upgrading, adding or replacing your linear accelerator, CT simulator, conventional simulator or HDR. With this in mind, we offer a variety of radiation therapy equipment upgrades and accessories to help streamline your project.

MLC Upgrades Positioning Lasers Carbon Fiber Couchtops
Water Chillers
Conditioner IGRT
Water Chillers Power Conditioners IGRT Upgrades

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