Wellhofer Scanditronix 3D Scanning System 15B30

*Image may not be of actual system

Reference Number: 15B30
Manufacturer: Wellhofer
Model: Scanditronix
Year Manufactured: 2003
Product Type: Used

Product Details:


Used Wellhofer Scanditronix 3D Scanning System

  • Manufactured in 2003
  • Water service tank
  • Lift and positioning table
  • Optional TMR control
  • No radiation probes
  • Included factory shipping crate for the blue phantom (3D tank).
  • Omnipro software discs and manuals for 6.4A; 6.5A 6.6C and 7.3.
  • Technical manuals for the electrometer & blue phantom (3d tank)
  • Test cert for cu500e.
  • RTPS manual for Pinnacle plus
  • RTPS manual for Cadplan plus
  • User manual for CC13 probe
  • User manual for CC01 probe
  • Service tool box with factory screwdrivers and wrenches.
  • Various probe holder blocks
  • Short ; medium; long ref probe holders.
  • Factory cables for tank controls.
  • Extra serial cables and adaptors.
  • Subject to prior sale and availability.

Please call for more information regarding this Used Wellhofer Scanditronix 3D Scanning System. ROS#15B30 ES

*Images may not be of actual system.

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