Transtector Dual Output Power Conditioner 18F63

*Image may not be of actual system

Reference Number: 18F63
Manufacturer: Transtector
Year Manufactured: 2008
Product Type: Used

Product Details:

Overview Pre-Owned Transtector Dual Output Power Conditioner. Manufactured in 2008; Model: 8DLNX-110K(I)-700A/V; A.C. Input: 3PH DELTA, 60HZ., 480V. 110KVA; A.C. Output: 3PH, WYE, 60 HZ; Output #1: 120/208V @ 125A; Output #2: 480/277V @ 18A, 55A for 30 Seconds @ 4.2% Duty Cycle; Max Abient Temp: 40 Deg. C.; Max Continuous Output: 50 KVA; Available Now. Subject to prior sale and availability. Please call for more information regarding this Pre-Owned Transtector Dual Output Power Conditioner. ROS#18F63 *Images may not be of actual system.

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