GE Optima MR360 1.5T MRI System 17F01

*Image may not be of actual system

Reference Number: 17F01
Product Type: Used

Product Details:

Overview Used GE Optima MR360 1.5T MRI System. Manufactured in 2012. 23X Software Platform. ACGD Plus Gradient. GE Optima MR Patient Table. OpTix Digital RF System 8 Channel. Software Options: Echo Planar Imaging, Fast Gradient Echo, CINE, Fast Spin Echo & FLAIR, Time of Flight, Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging, Proactive Service, Video Conferencing, DW EPI, FLAIR EPI, SPECIAL, Smart Prep, SSFSE, Three Planar Localizer, Modality Worklist, E3DTOF, FSE_XL, Bloodsupp, Fastcine, iDrive Pro, iDrive, SmartPrep 2000 Upgrade, Functool 2, Voxtoo, Interactive Vascular Imaging, Clariview, Performed Procedure Step, Ultrashort TR, T2 Breathhold, SSFSE MRCP, T1 Breathhold, AGCD Plus, Flouro-triggered MRA, MRCP3, Fiesta 2D, Fiesta 3D, Asset3DFRFSE, Asset Plus, TRICKS, Fiesta-c, DW PROPELLER, 3D Fat Sat Fiesta, T2 PROPELLER, 2D Fat Sat Fiesta, Lava, FLAIR 3D, Multi-Phase (variable delays), 2D MERGE, COSMIC, IDEAL, Inline Visualization, Cube T2, AR, 3D Dual Ech Inhance 3D Velocity, Inhance 3D Inflow IR, Inhance 2D Inflow, Intellectual Property Protection, SV Optima 360 Product. 8ch Express Head Neck Array, HD T/R Quad Extremity, HD T/R Knee Array, HD PA Shoulder, Express Anterior Array, 8ch HD Wrist, Surface Coil, Split Head. Located in the US. Installed and Operational. Subject to prior sale and availability. Please call for more information regarding this Used GE Optima MR360 1.5T MRI System. ROS#17F01 TH

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