Industrial Use Linear Accelerators

Radiology Oncology Systems offers linear accelerator solutions for industrial use, for imaging all types of metals, components and specialty parts.

These machines, which are often referred to as non-destructive testing (NDT) linear accelerators are designed to offer a wide range of industrial-use benefits. They can dramatically reduce exposure time, therefore improving productivity, and provide increased safety in your industrial environment because they require no radio-isotopes. Additionally, industrial linear accelerators provide radiographic sensitivity, resolution and latitude as well as increased depth of perception. Some styles are built for compact, movable use which allows for easy setup in controlled areas.

At any given time, we have an assortment of systems in varying energy ranges to meet your specific needs:

  • 2 MeV
  • 3 MeV
  • 4 MeV
  • 6 MeV
  • 9 MeV

Benefits of Linear Accelerators for Industrial Imaging

  • We can install, support and service your device
  • Increased production by dramatically reducing exposure times
  • Increased radiographic sensitivity, resolution and latitude
  • Increased depth of penetration
  • Increased safety--No radio-isotopes; unit can be turned off

Choose Radiology Oncology Systems for your linear accelerators for industrial imaging. Not only do we provide excellent prices on pre-owned industrial LINAC machines, but we also back your purchase with a full suite of services to ensure proper installation and use. We can provide complete installation and ongoing service of your device so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We’re also happy to assist your facility with training and financing. Explore our inventory to find the latest industrial machines (NDT, non-destructive testing) or contact us today to discuss your industrial imaging project needs.

                           Industrial Linear Accelerator

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