When considering the replacement or addition of a used CT scanner, ROS has value-added solutions to meet its clients' demands. ROS's equipment solutions are designed to help the facility remain competitive by having access to multi-slice scanners, cardiac or respiratory gating, and mobile CT scanners; while helping keep technology expenses under control. ROS’s friendly sales staff has expertise with most manufacturers of CT Scanners, including GE, Philips, Picker, Siemens, Toshiba, and Elscint.

Read about ROS's refurbishment process that renews used CT scanners with tailored refurbishment solutions.


As a growing source for used CT scanners, ROS offers a full range of CT scanner product and service solutions.

  • Tailored refurbishment solutions
  • Warranty, service and maintenance
  • Patient positioning devices, chillers and power conditioners
  • Dedicated project planning and logistics support
  • Equipment removals and disposals


At ROS, our used CT scanner refurbishment process results in a brand new appearance and superior value--affordable systems for facilities of all sizes and OEM functionality. Full warranties are available and costs range up to 60% off the price of new.

Mechanical Refurbishment

  • Stage scanner to enable full power testing
  • Perform pre-stage scans to determine starting condition of unit
  • Service or replace slip rings and brushes as needed to meet OEM specifications
  • Update database with any technical considerations to be addressed
  • Replace worn components as required such as display CRT, collimator filter, brushes, etc.
  • Evaluate detector gain, linearity and crosstalk for optima image performance
  • Install and verify any software options
  • Run all final QA testing in accordance to OEM specifications
  • System calibration
  • Perform QA images
  • Inspection and approval

Cosmetic Refurbishment

  • Remove and prepare panels for painting
  • Vacuum and detail system components
  • Complete sanding and fiberglass work
  • Paint system with a fresh coat of DuPont Imron industrial grade paint
  • Check moving parts for wear and lubricate or replace as needed to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Assemble and check system for fit and finish
  • Move system into one of eight custom staging bay and cable scanner
  • Inspection and approval

If you are looking for a used CT scanner, Radiology Oncology Systems can help you find the right equipment to fit your need. Review our current inventory, including All Refurbished and Used CT Scanners.

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