Diagnostic Imaging

Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

At Radiology Oncology Systems, we believe that all patients deserve quality care and treatment regardless of their circumstances. We can assist your practice with purchasing used and refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment, including used CT scanners and conventional simulators, so that you may provide the best possible care to your patients regardless of constraints such as budget and space restrictions. You’ll find a broad selection of refurbished diagnostic imaging solutions at Radiology Oncology Systems, including:

Refurbished CT Scanners Refurbished MRI
Refurbished PET/CT Refurbished C-arm

These are top-of-the-line diagnostic imaging systems made by the industry’s most advanced manufacturers, including GE, Philips, Picker, Slemens, Toshiba and Elscint. Regardless of your clinical objectives, site requirements, timeline and budget, the team here at Radiology Oncology Systems will help ensure a smooth and well-thought-out purchasing journey. 

Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Services

We can assist you with all your imaging equipment needs and servicing, from diagnostic equipment installations to crating for international shipment and covering your equipment with multi-year warranties. Radiology Oncology Systems is also equipped to provide complete clinical applications training to ensure that your team is educated on your new diagnostic imaging systems. Our goal is to furnish you with the equipment, knowledge and logistical needs required to get you up and moving fast. 

Click here to learn more about our diagnostic imaging equipment services.

Diagnostic Imaging Upgrades and Accessories

Our goal is to help you simplify the buying process when upgrading, adding or replacing your CT simulator, conventional simulator or MRI. We not only supply complete imaging systems, but also used imaging equipment, upgrades and accessories to ensure that your components work at their best. We carry MRI coils, contrast injectors, water chillers, power conditioners and other parts that will help you extend the life of your equipment while adding necessary features and upgrades. Many of these components are refurbished to ensure that they perform at their best and look like they just came off the factory floor. 

MRI Coils
Contrast Injectors
MRI Coils Contrast Injectors
Water Chillers
Power Conditioner
Water Chillers Power Conditioners

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