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Prowess Panther TPS is a 3D- radiation therapy treatment planning system designed to run on aMicrosoft Windows (PC) with Multiple Language Support. Utilizing a Ribbon System, users quickly learn to operate the system thanks to the user interface being intuitively designed based in a typical clinical workflow. Panther has been created to help separate tasks by allowing concurrent treatment planning. Concurrent treatment planning makes it easy and efficient for each member of the planning team to do their part of the process from their own workstation, at their own desk, on their own schedule. Panther is fully networkable so all team members can access the same patient database in a server – client configuration.

Virtual Simulation and Contouring Tools Treatment Planning for Different Delivery Approaches Accurate Dose Calculation for Plan Evaluation
 Virtual Simulations  Treatment Planning Plan Evaluation 
With the ability to interpret CT
‘slice’ image information from any
manufacturer’s CT scanner with
 DICOM 3.0 format on a network
 system, Prowess Panther is
designed to complement standard
diagnostic CT scanners by adding
the capability of fully
computerized simulation functions. 
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Prowess Panther supports
several approaches
to the treatment planning
process and are
referred to by
different trade names.
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Prowess Panther uses
several dose calculations
depending on the
planning method used,
our gold standard being
Collapsed Cone Convolution
Superposition (CCCS).
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