TheraView IGRT Software

TargetCheck Workstation Upgrade: If you linear accelerator already has an Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID), did you know TargetCheck can allow you to perform IGRT using your existing EPID hardware?

TargetCheck: IGRT Software

TargetCheck IGRT workstation integrates with Varian, Siemens and Elekta linear accelerators. Compatible with existing electronic portal imaging devices, TargetCheck's powerful, user-friendly software allows for stereoscopic images to be fused with pre-treatment, digitally reconstructed radiographs.

Shift output from the image comparison is displayed for the user prominently on the workstation screen.

Stereoscopic image comparison is easy with TargetCheck

  • Verification of patient position with two mouse clicks.
  • Remote viewing via web browser.
  • Auto field placement detection.
  • Physician approval electronically stamped.
  • Daily QC for MLC leaf tracking (optional).
  • Qualifies for CPT 77421 reimbursements.

Compare DRR to Portal Image Instantly

Theraview Workflow


Radiation Oncologists can review and approve images from anywhere

With a high-speed internet connection, radiation oncologists can log on remotely to TheraView servers and review and approve daily patient images with an electronic stamp.

TheraView Ready to Treat 

Dr Approval Button

Ready to treat

Using the mouse, the oncologist or therapist can quickly "point and click" on the TargetCheck icon, indicating the correct field shape and outline.

Once entered, TheraView automatically stores and compares the reference image field outline with the selected online image. The analysis is displayed as a combination of red and green lines: Green for approval, red for error detection.

TheraView Ready to Treat 

Ready to Treat

TargetCheck has Automated Field Placement Detection

The TheraView user can predefine protocols with his/her own error limits for field shape, size, and patient position error limits. The therapist can quickly "point and click" to define the anatomical template on the reference image.

Once entered, TheraView stores and proportionally scales the anatomical data, projects the outline over the online image, and is then ready for placement and analysis. TargetCheck will display a message bar indicating the final status of the setup: green for approval, red for error detection.

On completion of TargetCheck, the results can be stored directly to disk, and fed into TCSA. The measurements are graphically displayed. The graph gives sequential representations of the treatments with respect to time/fractions.