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Low Dose CT, High Diagnostic Image Quality

Medic Vision’s FDA-approved SafeCT is a universal iterative image reconstruction solution that substantially enhances the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of CT images acquired over a wide range of exposure parameters on CT scanners of all vendors.

Using proprietary, patented, iterative, volumetric image reconstruction algorithms, SafeCT delivers diagnostic image quality to studies acquired with low-dose protocols on CT scanners of all brands and models. Over 100,000 patients have been scanned so far with low-dose protocols, using SafeCT to improve image quality to diagnostic levels.

    • High diagnostic image quality regardless of exposure parameters
    • No compromise in image detail
    • Output images with the same look and feel as the standard studies on your CT system, virtually eliminating the need for physician training.

Clinical Images
Safe CT Clinical Images AbdominalSafe CT Clinical Images Chest

Product Integration and User Convenience

    • Readily connects to your existing CT scanner platform and PACS via their standard DICOM protocol
    • Easy installation of hardware (PC with embedded software)
    • Easy installation of hardware (PC with embedded software)
    • Simultaneously serves any number of compliant CT scanners or workstations connected on the same network including scanners with different platforms and from multiple manufacturers
    • Seamless integration into your department workflow
    • Generic product, universally addressing all CT applications—no anatomy-specific or pathology-specific settings required
    • Fully automatic operation, requiring no technologist intervention
    • Rapid image processing time at the CT console.

Cost Effectiveness of CT Equipment

    • At relatively low capital spending, SafeCT virtually insures your CT scanner(s) against obsolescence, eliminating the need for newer and more expensive CT scanners capable of similar functionality.
    • Robust and reliable. SafeCT offers a unique blend of benefits, be they in the realm of image quality, product integration and user convenience, or improved cost-effectiveness of your existing CT equipment.
    • Readily upgrades to SafeCT Enterprise Edition.
Clinical Images
Safe CT Clinical Images NeuroSafe CT Clinical Images Pediatric

SafeCT is FDA cleared for distribution in the USA. It is in routine clinical use at leading medical centers and imaging practices in the USA, having provided diagnostic image quality for close to 100,000 CT studies nationwide. SafeCT is distributed by ROS.

A map of all the facilities in the US benefitting from SafeCT.

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