Multi-Leaf Collimator


Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPID) are standard on virtually all conventional linear accelerators sold today. They are used both for quality assurance as well as for verification of patient positioning and tumor localization at time of treatment. If you’re looking to replace an existing EPID or are considering adding an EPID to your machine, Radiology Oncology Systems can help. We carry EPIDs by Varian, Elekta and Siemens.

EPIDs are used to produce an image of either the patient or of the QA device. Most EPID’s are amorphous silicon panels as detectors, and use the MV photo beam to generate the image. They allow you to capture high-quality images for the best possible review and treatment guidance. EPID processing produces much better quality and contrast when compared to traditional portal imaging.

Varian E-Arm / R-Arm
Varian E-Arm / R-Arm
Elekta iView GT System
iView GT System
Siemens Epid
Optivue 500/1000

We carry a stock of tested, pre-owned EPID systems for the following systems:

    • Varian Linear Accelerators aS500, aS500-II, aS1000 Systems for: 600C/D, 6EX, 2100C/D, 21EX, DHX, and iX models.
    • Elekta Linear Accelerators iView & iView GT Systems For: Precise, Synergy Platform and Synergy models.
    • Siemens Linear Accelerators BeamView and Optivue systems for: Artiste, Oncor and Primus models.

All of our used EPIDs have been meticulously tested to ensure that they operated at their best with no defects. Looking for new EPIDs? Radiology Oncology Systems can also distribute new EPID systems from various independent, third-party manufactures for those who think a brand-new machine would be a better fit. We’re committed to helping you get your EPID installed quickly, but installation does require about two or three days of downtime. You can have your EPID replaced over the weekend to avoid unnecessary office closures or we can work with you on weekday installation.

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