Patient Positioning Laser Technology

Why choose Cyrpa?

Not all patient positioning lasers are created equal. CYRPA is the most advanced patient positioning laser system on the market. At Radiology Oncology Systems, we have everything you need to enhance and upgrade your CT or linear accelerator (LINAC) machine with top-of-the-line patient positioning lasers that ensure safe, accurate administration. We recommend the addition of a CYRPA patient positioning lasers to ensure that your patients receive the most precise and focused laser accuracy available. Precise patient positioning means healthy tissues won’t be exposed to unnecessary radiation while the correct tissues will receive highly targeted doses. Unlike technologies used before, lasers are not harmful to your patients and provide hairline accuracy. Add a healthy dose of innovation to your CT or LINAC Room.

Virtual Simulation: Patient Positioning Lasers

The CYRPA HIT (High Impact Technology) patient positioning laser system represents the next innovation in virtual simulation. You can choose a CYRPA system with one, three, five or six moving lasers to meet your unique needs. Each of the four laser configurations provides a laser line accuracy of < 0.1mm, which gives you the assurance that your patients are setting up with the highest level of laser accuracy available. This level of accuracy removes a margin of error from the overall patient workflow.

HIT 1 -Single Moving Laser
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HIT 3 - Three Moving Lasers
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HIT 5 - Five Moving Lasers
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HIT 6 - Six Moving Lasers
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Radiation Therapy Treatment Delivery: Patient Positioning Lasers

Finally a patient alignment laser system that adapts to your needs. With the CYRPA HITM laser system, daily patient set-up just got easier.  Beyond the industry leading laser line accuracy of 0.1mm, the CYRPA HITM allow users to select a red or green laser line with a touch of a button.

 HIT Motoized (HITM)
HITM Fixed Motoized Lasers
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HIT Single Diode (HIT SD)
 HIT Single Diode
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Adjustment and Calibration:

The CYRPA SmartPhantom® and SmartPhantomRT® allows for automatic calibration of the lasers, through the use of a tablet PC. The ease and accuracy of the  calibration saves your practice on time and training related expenses. The system calibrates itself while you watch in less than 10 minutes. As a distributor of CYRPA Laser Systems, Radiology Oncology Systems is more than happy to help you find a model that best serves your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

 Smart Phantom CT
SmartPhantom CT
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 Smart Phantom RT
SmartPhantom RT
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Who is CYRPA?

CYRPA (pronounced “Sir-pah”) is a medical technology company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.  With over 130 installations worldwide, CYRPA lasers are considered state-of-the-art technology for today’s modern CT and Linac rooms.  CYRPA entered the U.S. market in 2014 and is FDA approved.   

Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc. is U.S. Distributor of CYRPA Laser Systems.

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