Linear Accelerators


With the variety of linear accelerator systems to choose from, and the volume of refurbished selection available, choosing the right linear accelerator can be a daunting task. Let ROS guide you through a comprehensive chart of the major brands of refurbished linear accelerators we provide in order to help you get started.

At ROS we provide you with understanding of the steps in order to select the appropriate linear accelerator for your specific needs, develop a plan, and execute the implementation, all resulting in a successful linear accelerator installation project.

Compare makes and models of linear accelerators below.

Linear Accelerator Comparison Chart

Varian High Energy
 Linear Accelerator

Linear Accelerator Comparison Chart

Varian Single Energy 
Linear Accelerators
Linear Accelerator Comparison Chart

Siemens Linear Accelerators
 Linear Accelerator Comparison Chart

Elekta Linear Accelerators

ROS Provides a variety of Varian, Siemens, Elekta and Accuray Linear Accelerators

Take a look at our current inventory of Varian, Siemens, or Elekta linear accelerators.

Varian Linear Accelerator List


As one of the world's largest suppliers of pre-owned linear accelerators, ROS offers a full range of linear accelerator product and service solutions.

  • Largest assortment of pre-owned systems in the world
  • Tailored refurbishment options
  • Warranty, service and maintenance plans
  • Relocation of your existing linear accelerator
  • Patient positioning, power conditioners and other accessories
  • Dedicated project planning and logistics support across all major brands
  • Equipment removals and disposals
What do I get when I buy a refurbished linear accelerator from ROS?

Choose from one of our four refurbishment processes in order to ensure you with a linear accelerator that is both affordable and reliable. Our bronze, silver, gold, or platinum, refurbishment processes each begin with an inspection of the linear accelerator by one of our engineers to guarantee you the best used linear accelerator possible. Our meticulous refurbishment process ensures that you buy a quality linear accelerator in “like new” condition.

Here is a list of our four linear accelerator refurbishment packages:



  • Used linear accelerator system is dismantled, inspected and cleaned
  • Refinishing and painting of covers and treatment table
  • Used linear accelerator inspected for structural imperfections and fatigue
  • All water, air and gas hoses are replaced
  • Inspect and replace as necessary all chains and belts
  • Inspect and replace unit wiring and cables as necessary
  • All switch decks, tap switches, relays, power supplies and controls tested
  • All meters, indicators, lamps, controls and knobs are tested, inspected and replaced as necessary or as scheduled


Includes all Bronze features, plus:

  • Reconditioned couch support panels
  • All Monitors, Klystrons, Electron Gun and all other glassware components are tested as necessary
  • All motors, electrical switches and cooling fans tested and replaced as necessary or as scheduled
  • All locks, brakes, detents and gears inspected/replaced as necessary or scheduled
  • Beam and X-ray controls are internally and externally cleaned with non-destructive cleaning agent
  • All bearings, table gears, drive assemblies, accessory mounting and track surfaces inspected and replaced or repaired as required or as scheduled
  • Any nonstandard wiring/specialized modifications are removed and unit is restored to original specifications
  • Reconditioned hand pendants
  • Inspect, clean and replace if necessary all bearings and motor drives in the gantry and treatment table
  • Mylar mirror replaced
  • Covers painted to match OEM specifications; custom painting available
  • Certificate of refurbishment for used linear accelerator
  • Mylar crosshair replaced
  • ODI and Field Lamp bulbs and sockets replaced
  • Water system demineralizer and air dryer desiccant replaced
  • Pendant cables replaced
  • Replacement of the accessory wedge mount or mount slide rails
  • Water pressure switches replaced
  • Water flow switches replaced
  • Air solenoids and gauges replaced
  • Certificate of refurbishment


Includes all Bronze and Silver features, plus:

  • Klystron Solenoid replaced
  • Thyratrons replaced
  • Vacuum pumps replaced
  • Reconditioned RF driver installed
  • Reconditioned Hand Controls
  • Gantry and Collimator wind-up cables replaced
  • Readout potentiometers replaced
  • Water pump and heat exchanger replaced
  • Flow switches, meters and controllers replaced
  • Accessory mount slides replaced
  • New and Reconditioned Power Supplies replaced
  • All table, collimator, MLC and gantry drive motors Replaced
  • All High Voltage Cables Replaced+B27
  • Electron Gun / X-Ray Tube / Waveguide replaced with good/used part(s)
  • Klystron / Magnetron replaced with good/used part
  • New Carbon Fiber Couch Top


Includes all Bronze, Silver and Gold features, plus:

  • Target / Energy switch replaced with new OEM
  • Magnetron / Klystron replaced with new OEM
  • Electron Gun or Waveguide replaced with new OEM

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