Vault & Bunker
Vault Modifications & Renovations

If you are considering renovating, upgrading, or building a linear accelerator or NDT vault (bunker), ROS can provide you with a range of services, from consulting support to your existing contractor and/or architectural firm; to providing a complete vault solution.

Vault Modifications & Renovations
Vault Modifications & Renovations

Services Include:

    • Design and layout
    • Demolition
    • Shielding- including dense block, lead
    • Vault doors (see below)
    • Electrical - wiring, power conditioners, breakers
    • Plumbing - piping and cooling, water chiller systems
    • Concrete - base frames, conduits, slabs
    • Furnishings - flooring painting, mill work

Vault Doors

R.O.S. sells and distributes Radiation Bunker Doors designed and manufactured in Europe. These doors are installed in hospitals, clinics, or in any center that perform radiotherapy treatments.

Vault Door Vault Door Vault Door

The bunker doors are made of steel and other shielding materials and can be outfitted with a different surface that fits your facilities aesthetics (stainless steel, aluminum, laminate wood).

The doors have a sophisticated security system that prevents lock-out of personnel within the bunker, eliminating danger to the patient and staff. They can be opened manually if power fails.

All swivel armored door or pivot bunker purchases include:

    • Door installation plans
    • Documentation of usage and maintenance
    • Manufacturing, transportation, assembly, manuals, spare parts
    • Control panel touch system
    • Demonstrative didactic session upon delivery
    • 5 year warranty
    • Annual preventative maintenance included by experienced technicians

Please contact R.O.S. today to find out more about these bunker doors and receive a formal quote. Call us at 1 (858) 454-8100, or email

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