Five Ways to Maximize Your Equipment Resale Value

One Provide Accurate Equipment Specifications
When you have a piece of equipment to sell take a little extra time to gather its specifications. One way is to provide the original quotation. An even better way is to fill out the Buyer’s spec sheet. Complete the spec sheet to the best of your ability. If you have retained the original quotation, then supply us with the quotation (feel free to redact any confidential info) in addition to our specification list.
Two Take Beautiful Photos
A picture is worth a thousand words. Great photos of your equipment help to reduce uncertainties. Take pictures of all components that will be sold such as the operator’s console, phantoms, and even the equipment’s electronic boxes. Using a variety of angles for your equipment photos will show off all the best sides.
Three Provide Complete and Accurate Service Records
Nothing shows how much you have cared for your equipment like meticulously maintained service records. These records will prove invaluable for interested buyers while showing off how well you maintained your equipment during its life span.
Four Define Your Equipment Sales Process in Advance
Having a well defined equipment sales process establishes the framework and rules that will govern the sale of your equipment. By doing this, you create an even playing field for potential buyers, foster an environment of fair competition, and avoid potential legal problems. Important milestones such as equipment bid due date and estimated equipment removal dates go a long way in laying this foundation.
Five Know Who You Are Selling To
A large number of interested Buyers can be overwhelming. But not all companies are created equally so take a little extra time to qualify who you are dealing with. Ask for references, perform Google searches and take the time to review potential buyers. If you select the wrong buyer, then you jeopardize your entire project.

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