Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Linear Accelerator

Grow Your Practice

1) Grow your Practice: Treat more patients and grow your practice with a refurbished linear accelerator. Whether you're opening a new center, adding a new treatment room, or just want to upgrade your practice, costs can be daunting. Buying refurbished frees up budget dollars to increase the size of your practice


2) Flexibility: Backup your existing system with a redundant, beam-matched system. If a problem develops on one of your machines you will be able to transfer patients to another linear accelerator.


3) Improve: Freeing up budget dollars also allows you to increase the quantity and quality of the patient care you provide. Improving your practice improves the lives of the patients you treat. Add new upgrades, technologies or more staff. Your patients will appreciate it.


4) Strengthen: With the uncertainty of looming reimbursement cuts, it's important to manage expenses to ensure you can navigate through any unexpected turbulence. Using refurbished solutions lowers your risk and strengthens your practice.

 Peace of Mind

5) Peace-of-Mind: ROS' experienced client managers will provide customized project management from start-to-finish on even the most challenging assignments. And with a no-risk warranty, you can be assured we stand behind the product. So relax, we're here to help.

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