Varian GammaMed Plus iX HDR System 15G41

*Image may not be of actual system

Reference Number: 15G41
Manufacturer: Varian
Model: Gammamed Plus IX
Year Manufactured: 2013
Product Type: New

Product Details:


Used Varian GammaMed Plus iX HDR System

  • Manufactured in 2013
  • GammaMed Plus iX remote HDR Afterloader
  • 24 Channel Indexer, mechanical connect and catheter sensor
  • 60 dwell positions per channel
  • Treatment step direction: distal to proximal
  • Maximum 1300 mm source travel length
  • Catheter Length check channels 1-19
  • Selectable step size 1-10 mm
  • Treatment head height adjustable
  • Tungsten Shielded Safe
  • PC controlled radiation surveillance with battery buffered microprocessor surveyed security system
  • Geiger-Müller-counter controlled radioactive source
  • Automatic control of the extended length with the dummy source
  • Type of radioactive source: Ir-192 (capsule 0.9 mm dia., max. length 4.52 mm) with a nominal activity of 10 Ci.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / Power Conditioner
  • Powers the console for treatment data retention / save in case of power failure
  • BrachyVision 3D HDR Treatment Planning System: Brachyvision 3D SW Lic for Eclipse
  • Well Chamber & Electrometer
  • HDR GYN Applicators and Accessories: CT/MR Ring & Tandem Applicator Set; CT/MRCompatible Fletcher-Suit Delclos; Miami Style Applicator Set; Stump Applicator Set with CT-Cylinders; Source guide tubes for 200mm needles; Basic Accessory Kit Intracavitary,GMplus
  • The equipment is still in the boxes/crates.
  • Subject to prior sale and availability.

Please call for more information regarding this Used Varian GammaMed Plus iX HDR System. ROS#15G41 JV

*Images may not be of actual system.

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