Swissray SR Pulse 710

1.5 T wide-bore has never been this affordable

ROS is pleased to be a U.S. distributor of the new Swissray SR Pulse 710 MRI System.

The SR Pulse 710 from Swissray is designed and built specifically for facilities that need a reliable, high throughput, workhorse wide-bore MRI system. 

Wide-bore systems are now considered the new standard of care for MRI, providing maximum patient accommodation and comfort.

Swissray SR Pulse 710

The SR Pulse 710 offers the widest internal bore - 71cm and 550 lb. patient table support to accommodate more patients.

Large Patients Deserve State-of-the-Art Care

With obesity on the rise in the U.S., a 60 cm bore is a no-go for many patients – and that’s a problem for your staff and your bottom line. 

The SR Pulse 710 features the widest internal bore diameter, a wide couch that comfortably supports patient weights up to 550 lbs. (250 kg), which means a better experience for everyone.

And the 1.5 Tesla SR Pulse 710 offers Signal-to-Noise and high field applications that are not provided on older vertical field open systems, allowing you to offer state-of-the-art care to your largest patients.

Swissray SR Pulse 710 - In Use

Room to spare with 71cm. Now large patients can get 1.5 Tesla image quality and applications.

A better patient experience for all

The 71cm bore will provide more “face space” which helps to increase patient comfort and minimize claustrophobic response. Variable lighting and airflow ensure optimal comfort for patients of all shapes and sizes. Automated protocols increase efficiency and reduce the time the patient will spend on the table.

The comfortable environment and efficient exam times benefits all patients, while helping your staff optimize throughput.

Quality images drive clinical precision

SR Pulse 710 components are designed and developed by a USA engineering team members, of which have been awarded 87 MR imaging patents.

  • High-homogeneity magnet with a 
    50 × 50 × 50 cm usable field of view.
  • Better gradient performance. 
    33 mT/ m gradients drive to peak power in 0.25 milliseconds.
  • New multi-element coil arrays. The SR Pulse 710 offers flexible coil array technology, selected through programmed protocols, reduces the need for time-consuming repositioning.
  • Comprehensive software capabilities. The SR Pulse 710 has user-friendly protocols that optimize efficiency and supports high-throughput scanning. 

Swissray SR Pulse 710 - Skeleton

The SR Pulse 710 offers
50 x 50 x 50 cm FOV, multi-element coil arrays and constant iso center imaging, allowing efficient coverage of multi-step exams.

 A Better Imaging Value

  • Reduced service costs. With a ZBO (zero boil-off) magnet, the SR Pulse 710 eliminates expensive cryogen replacement.
  • High throughput – low break even. The SR Pulse 710’s intelligent, automated protocols offer high throughput. Combined with an attractive purchase price and low operational costs. The SR Pulse 710 requires very low procedure numbers to break even.
  • Reliable components. From the superconducting magnets to the RF coils, SR Pulse 710 has components that are designed for reliability.

Swissray SR Pulse 710

Click here to download the
 Swissray SR Pulse 710 Brochure.

SR Pulse 710™ Images

A. Phased array head coil
B. Head / Neck / vascular coil array
C. Integrated spine array
D. Phased array knee
E. Phased array hand / wrist
F. Phased array shoulder
G. Multiple purpose flexible arrays – small and large sizes
H. Phased array torso coils – small, medium, large sizes

Swissray Imaging 1
Swissray Imaging 2
Swissray Imaging 3;
Swissray Imaging 4

For more information please contact R.O.S. or call +1 858-454-8100

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