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ROS Independent Broker Programs

As a medical equipment broker, you serve a vital role in the healthcare industry. Helping to relocate equipment from areas of lower demand two areas where it's greatly needed is a very important role providing numerous industry benefits. Among them:

    1. Helping clinicians to secure the equipment they need at the prices they can afford
    2. Allowing for a greater supply of medical equipment to support patients’ needs, especially in sparsely populated areas
    3. Reducing the entry costs of start-up clinics, enabling new clinics to serve patients
    4. Providing more flexibility with equipment solutions (e.g. equipment rentals) for clinics and hospitals (for example during major upgrades and renovations)
    5. Providing greater redundancy with equipment (e.g. backup machines) to safeguard against unexpected repairs or replacements

Over the past two decades, ROS has worked with numerous independent brokers in helping to facilitate the transition of equipment to higher demand areas.

Doctor in CT Scan Room
RAD Tech & Patient CT Scanner

We have three programs that are available for you, the independent medical equipment broker:

    1. Referral Program. Under this program the parties sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. ROS will help you to place your equipment in areas of high need. Your involvement will be minimal and you will be compensated in the form of a pre-negotiated sales commission after the project is completed. This is a wonderful program for part-time brokers, or those who do not have the time and energy to devote resources to a brokerage operation.
    2. Profit-sharing Program.  Under this program, you work with ROS to maximize the opportunity for the equipment or the sales need.  We share information, know how, and customer opportunities, all while being protected under a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement.  This program requires more time and energy on the independent brokers part then the referral program, but also produces a higher compensation via profit-sharing.
    3. Arms-length Program.  This program may be a combination of profit-sharing and or referral commission depending on whether you need to sell a machine or purchase a machine for an existing customer. One example of this program is that ROS will provide you with a machine that you resell to your customer.  Conversely you may sell your machine to ROS at an agreed-upon price.  This is the more common program that is used throughout the industry, and does not require non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

If you are an independent medical equipment broker, and have an interest in one of the R.O.S. Broker Programs, please fill out and submit this questionnaire to to see if working with ROS is right for you.

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