Virtual Simulation and Contouring Tools

The first thing needed is a "CT Scan" of the patient's anatomy which will later be the basis for dose calculations. Other image modalities are often used to assist in the planning and contouring process.

Virtual Simulation
Once the needed image series are set up, the user will start
recreating the patient's anatomy. This can be done manually
with a plethora of contouring tools, or generated automatically
by the system for select volumes. The system allows a variety
of ways to view the patients anatomy to assist with both
contouring and planning.

 Radiation Therapy Virtual Simulation-MultiModality
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Prowess Panther's Multimodality Imaging allows the user to register--often called image fusion--multiple image sets together. Image fusion allows a CT image series to be used for dose calculation while another image series such as MRI or PET can be used to better identify the tumor and healthy tissues. The user can add multiple secondary image series to the patient model, register them, and then be able to use the reconstructions of these image series as an evaluation tool throughout the planning process (not just for contouring).
 Radiation Therapy Virtual Simulation - Contours Ribbon
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Prowess Panther also has the ability to edit, copy, and move volumes and additionally create margins, use logical operations, in addition to many other advanced tools.
 Radiation Therapy Virtual Simulation - Different Views
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Prowess Panther allows configurable views to aid in treatment planning. Users can customize their window to view multiple displays. As displayed in the figure to the left: View A shows a 3D reconstruction of the patient's anatomy, View B shows the user what the patient's anatomy would look like from the "Beam's Eye View" of the Linear Accelerator, View C allows the user to visualize the patient on the treatment table, View D is the transverse view which is a slice by slice 2D display of the patient's anatomy.

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