Treatment Planning for Different Delivery Approaches

Prowess Panther TPS has the ability to send and receive information via a standard TCP/IP computer network. It does this following the DICOM RT 3.0 standard, and supports the import and export of: DICOM RT (Images, Structures, Plans, and Dose) which is the base that allows for a complete planning solution.

Treatment Planning for Different Delivery Approaches Prowess Panther supports various planning methods including: Brachytherapy (Brachy Pro), Forward Planning (3D Conformal), Inverse Planning (DAO IMRT),  Real-time Adaptive Radiation Therapy (RealART), and Arc Therapy (ProArc). Plan templates are supported and can be created and used in multiple planning methods. They are designed to make the process much more efficient and can save the planner a significant amount of time.

Prowess Panther supports several approaches to the treatment planning process and are referred to by different trade names:

Forward Planning (3D Conformal): Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is designed to improve the efficiency of today's busy radiation oncology departments. Plans can be created quickly by manually adjusting the beam weighting and normalization. Furthermore the QA process is more simplistic than IMRT, so more 3D Conformal plans can be validated than IMRT without the need of a larger physics staff.
Inverse Planning (DAO IMRT): Prowess Panther DAO IMRT takes IMRT to the next level with Direct Aperture Optimization (DAO). Prowess' patented DAO technology is powered by a 3D convolution/superposition dose calculation engine, which includes all the delivery constraints within the optimization process.
Real-time Adaptive Radiation Therapy (RealART): The RealART module is one step further than IGRT as it allows the daily adaptation of the plan based on the real and actual patient anatomy on the treatment day.  RealART planning improves target dose while reducing dose to organs at risk. No patient repositioning is required like IGRT.
Arc Therapy (ProArc): ProArc module is an extension to the inverse planning IMRT capability that uses the DAO IMRT planning system to support the delivery of intensity-modulated arc therapy (IMAT).
Brachytherapy (Brachy Pro): Prowess 3D Brachy Pro is different from the other treatment approaches since small irradiated pieces of metal called “Seeds” are implanted inside the patient at the treatment site. This process is abrasive, but allows for planners to have precise control over the dose and can help reduce dose outside of the treatment area (total body dose).

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