Accurate Dose Calculation for Plan Evaluation

Prowess Panther uses several dose calculations depending on the planning method with our gold standard being Collapsed Cone Convolution Superposition (CCCS). Our calculation grid is adjustable to be as accurate as 1mm2.

Accurate Dose Calculation for Plan Evaluation This allows great precision for the dose calculation, which means users will have better agreement when validating fields in the QA process. Also, Prowess Panther has been engineered to support multi-core CPUs, so not only is dose calculation accurate, it is extremely fast. After calculation, the user evaluates the results. This is done primarily in two areas; dose distribution overlay on the patient’s anatomy, or within the Dose to Volume Histogram.

Radiation Therapy Plan Evaluation - Dose Views
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Prowess Panther allows configurable views to aid in treatment planning. Users can customize their window to view multiple displays.  As displayed in the figure to the left: View A allows the user to 2D dose slice by slice which is typically done during evaluation, View B shows the user what the dose distribution would look like from the “Beam’s Eye View” of the Linear Accelerator, View C shows a 3D dose cloud in addition to the 3D reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy.
 Radiation Therapy Plan Evaluation - DVH dialogue
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This dialog shows a graph of what percentage of the dose is being delivered to what percentage of the volumes. Users can take advantage of the easy to read graph that really quantifies the dose distribution so the acceptance criteria can be verified in a pass or fail approach.

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