KV Imager

KV-Imaging: Add the latest imaging technology to your linear accelerator

Facilities throughout the U.S. are seeking to upgrade their linear accelerators to KV-imaging systems. TheraView offers the opportunity to upgrade any accelerator, whether new or used, to KV technology. And with Target Check software, the KV-Imager becomes your IGRT solution.

TheraView KV Imager: KV-based IGRT for any Linear Accelerator

The TheraView KV imaging system allows you to extend the useful life of your linear accelerator. Why replace your machine and incur replacement costs and downtime, when you can upgrade it seamlessly to most makes and models of linear accelerator systems?

High Resolution Imaging to fit your Clinical Protocols

Today’s leading edge radiation oncology practices understand the importance to having a precise and accurate IGRT solution. The TheraView KV Imaging system provides high quality stereoscopic images to compare in near real-time to your DRR, so your practice can offer quality cancer care to your patient.

Combined with the TargetCheck IGRT workstation and TheraView Couch Set-Up Assistant (TCSA) , the TheraView KV Imager becomes a powerful IGRT solution that assists in tumor localization prior to treatment delivery.

The TheraView KV Imaging system can be customized to fit your IGRT needs:

An IGRT Solution for Everyone

With the TheraView KV imaging system, radiation oncology practices have an affordable alternative to upgrading their entire linear accelerator.

Minimal Installation Down-time

Radiation Oncology practices demand continuity for daily treatment regimens for their patients. With the TheraView KV imaging system, you can minimize downtime.

Our skilled installation professionals work nights and weekend to ensure you are up and running during critical treatment hours.

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Clinical KV Images

  • Image AP Marker

    Image AP Marker

  • Image Lat head

    Image Lat head

  • Image Lat neck

    Image Lat neck

Clinical KV Images
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