MV Imager

IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) through the eye of the beam

The TheraView MV system for IGRT produces an image of the patient through the same aperture as the radiation beam that will treat the patient. The result is unparalleled accuracy.

TheraView's Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) Integrates with your Linear Accelerator

With the TheraView EPID you can eliminate film processors and CR scanners with a robust, isocentrically mounted, real-time digital imaging solution.

Together with the TargetCheck IGRT workstation and TheraView Couch Set-Up Assistant (TCSA), TheraView provides a robust IGRT solution to meet the demands of your radiation therapy practice.

High Resolution Imaging to fit your Clinical Protocols

Single Exposure: A set-up image is acquired and displayed following a radiation exposure of 3-5 monitor units or can be used during the entire treatment as a verification image.

Double Exposure: An open field and a treatment image are acquired in sequence to form and display a composite, superimposed image. The open and treatment images are also stored separate for review and enhancement possibilities.

Treatment Loop: TheraView’s C3D advanced camera technology allows clinicians to record a sequence of images during treatment to track set up movement. This sequence can be replayed to visualize motion or to be saved with the patient file.

Clinical MV Images

  • MV Image - Shoulder 

    Image Shoulder

  • MV Image - Hip 

    Image Hip

  • MV Image - Brain  

    Image Brain

Download MV Imager Specifications

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