TheraView Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA)

The faster and more accurate way of positioning your patient

With TCSA, you can enhance patient care by reducing time spent on the treatment table and the number of trips in and out of the treatment room by the therapist. TCSA allows the therapist to remotely move the couch with the push of a button from the console area.

TCSA helps position the patient quickly, accurately, and precisely, reducing setup mistakes and/or misalignments that are occasionally made during the setup of the treatment protocol. Small corrections (<20mm) are possible from the control room under strict conditions.

Control Couch from Treatment Console

TCSA integrates with your treatment couch

  • High precision (0.3mm), accuracy
  • Nullify systematical setup errors
  • Smaller margins CTV/PTV
  • Fast setup time, 10-15% more efficient
  • All movements are retraceable from the main applications

The TCSA treatment couch is compatible with all TheraView packages: The MV, KV and IGRT workstation. It integrates with most treatment couches on most current linear accelerator models.

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