Leaded Modular Booths/Walls

Leaded modular x-ray control booths and walls provide the correct degree of radiation protection needed, while offering a distortion-free panoramic viewing of the patient and equipment. Modular booths and walls are ideal for medical applications in diagnostic imaging, interventional and nuclear medicine, as well as industrial applications within the nuclear and gamma spectrum.

Key Features of Leaded Modular Booths/Walls:

• Durable, sturdy and lightweight solid lead-lined panels available with 1.5mm lead equivalency and up to 1/2 inch in raw lead. (Solid opaque paneled models only)
• Window panes available in lead plastic or lead-laminated safety glass in lead equivalencies ranging from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.
• Booth/walls can be fabricated into large continuous window panes, up to 6'x8', or larger.
• Panels extend from floor to 84" high, ensuring effective protection.
• Extra durable solid powder-coated solid steel channeling.
• Built to last. Frame has a solid steel design and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Leaded Modular Booths/Walls:

• Reduce exposure to harmful radiation while maintaining "open concept" environment through window viewing panels.
• Customized to suit your individual application, based on architectural specs or a custom concept.
• Adaptable. Designed to accommodate future modifications and expansions.
• Custom designed & manufactured to your exact specifications.
• Professional engineering and custom on-site or virtual CAD environment design services available.
• Modular design offers easy installation. Custom expert installation services available.

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