Lead-Lined Storage Containers

Lead lined Storage container  Storage Containers Lead Storage Container

ROS can provide a wide range of custom-designed lead-lined storage containers. Seamlessly designed with the help of end users, such as hospitals, laboratories, and medical nuclear plants, ensures a final design that is functional and harmonious with its surroundings and radiation code requirements.

Key Features of Lead-Lined Storage Containers:

• Manufactured from high-density A36 or 44W carbon steel.
• Lead filled or lined only with 99.9% pure Lead-ASTM B-2.
• All lead is fully encapsulated with no exposure.
• All hardware, from heavy-duty hinges to locks, is of the highest quality.
• Choice of hinged lockable or removable lids.
• Ground smooth from sharp corners or edges.
• Available thickness of lead shielding, from 1/32” to 2”.
• OPTIONAL: Stainless steel is available in lieu of carbon steel.

Considerations When Ordering Storage Containers:

• Color or finish
• Type or design
• Hardware, locks, hinges, and handles, etc.
• Thickness of lead shielding
• Overall dimensions, which will indicate internal dimensions
• Type of construction, carbon or Stainless Steel
• Floor or countertop loading due to weight of Storage Container
• Top surface or wall cut outs for electrical cables or other uses
• Available room where Storage Containers will be positioned, how will it look and fit with other equipment or furniture

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