Lead-Lined Windows

Lead-lined window  Lead Window Lead lined metal window frames

ROS offers a premium line of lead-lined welded hollow metal frames that are manufactured to have an equal appearance to architectural-designed frames and provide the foundation and support for lead glass or leaded acrylic. The frame provides a lead-lined link between the glazing and the lead-lined wall. Lead lined windows and frames are ideal in hospital and medical lab applications to shield technicians and operators in x-ray rooms.

Key Features of Lead Windows:

• Choose from over 30 different window sizes. Custom sizes are available to suit your requirements.
• Frames should be sized to suit the available window glazing dimensions.
• Frames are available in telescopic or welded designs.
• Different anchoring options available.
• Window frames are solid steel designed and primed.
• Lead shielding consists of a continuous sheet of lead-thickness based on requirements and application.
• Sheet lead is shaped to fit into the frame contour and inserted in the frame to ensure continuous protection. The sheet lead is un-pierced and free of defects, laminations, scale blisters, cracks or penetration.
• Lead joints are welded together to insure continuity of shielding and to secure in place during transit and installation.
• The frames are installed into the wall studs using proven techniques to ensure against radiation shielding loss.
• Frames come with a 2 year warranty.
• Meets applicable standards with 99.9% pure lead (ASTM B-29/Federal Spec. #QQ-L-201).
• Custom expert installation services available.


Benefits of Lead Windows:

• Create “open feel” environment for personnel/patients while still providing reduced exposure to harmful radiation.
• High light transmission helps create a happier and healthier work environment
• Easy to install
• Custom designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. Professional engineering and custom on-site design services available. We can work with you to design a custom solution and test it in a virtual CAD environment.

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