Lead Bricks

Lead Bricks lead shielding blocks Shielding bricks

Lead brick shielding provides the best choice for construction where temporary or permanent shields or storage areas are required, offering you the flexibility in your design and construction choices.

Key Features of Lead Bricks:

• Cast from 99.9% pure virgin high quality lead.
• Commonly used for shielding when sheet lead is impractical or not available in sizes or thicknesses you may require.
• Versatile for many applications, including in walls, bunkers, cove, glove-boxes, hot cells, partitions, nuclear shielding, transportation of radioactive materials or as a ballast weight.
• Available as straight or interlocking chevron-type in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and shapes to suit your application.
• Interlocking chevron-type lead bricks offer maximum protection against x-ray beta and gamma radiation with a unique interlocking “V” shape tongue and groove configuration that prevents the leakage of radiation through gaps. The interlocking provides a more stable and sturdier wall system aiding in the prevention of the wall toppling over.
• Straight lead bricks can be cut on site in any direction without the fear of losing the interlocking capability. A double row stacked behind the first in a staggered pattern can combat the loss of radiation commonly known to happen through the first row gaps.
• Available machined finish.
• Custom expert installation services available.

Benefits of Lead Bricks:

• Reduce exposure to harmful high energy radiation.
• Create healthful and safe environment.
• Flexibility, bricks can be easily erected, modified, disassembled and relocated in the field to create protective walls systems and cells to suit your application.
• Custom sizes and weights are available.
• Custom designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. Professional engineering and custom on-site design services available. We can work with you to design a custom solution in a virtual CAD environment.

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