Lead Shielding Products

Radiology Oncology Systems provides a wide range of lead shielding products and solutions so that you can safely administer radiotherapy and store radiology materials. These shielding solutions are designed to allow you to expose patients to effective doses without harm. Lead is the ideal solution for shielding out harmful radiotherapy because it offers a high density and high number of electrons, so it is considered the industry standard for radiation protection. When administering radiotherapy without a lead shield, the electrons within the patient’s body could trigger DNA damage or even cause cancer.

You can install lead shielding on the walls, flooring and furniture in your facility to reduce radiation levels to a safe levels for humans. We carry a wide range of lead shielding products, including:

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Modular Booth/Shielding

Leaded Modular Booths/Walls

Leaded modular x-ray control booths and walls provide the correct degree of radiation protection needed, while offering a distortion-free panoramic viewing of the patient and equipment.
Lead Cabinents

Lead Cabinents

Lead-lined cabinents custom-designed to your exact requirements, combining effective radiation protection and durability in a rugged, attractive and versatile line.
Storage Containers

Lead-Lined Storage Containers

Custom-designed lead-lined storage containers that are functional and harmonious with its surroundings and radiation code requirements.
Lead Windows

Lead Windows

Premium lead-lined welded hollow metal frames that provide the foundation and support for leaded glass or leaded acrylic.
Lead Glass

Lead Glass

Various sizes and thicknesses of lead glass that is excellent in providing radiation shielding, while maintaining a neutral appearance.
Lead Drywall

Lead-Lined Plywood

Drywall or Plywood is laminated with sheet lead that is designed to cover necessary surfaces or walls in a room requiring radiation shielding.
Lead Bricks

Lead Bricks

Lead brick shielding provides the best choice for construction where temporary or permanent shields or storage areas are required.
Borated Polyethylene

Borated Polyethylene

Light-weight, cost-effective and durable, borated polyethylene is a great solution for a wide variety of shielding applications.

No matter if you’re working in new construction or retrofitting a space to be better shielded, Radiology Oncology Systems can help you select the appropriate lead shielding components. You can build out the safest possible radiology environment with heavy-duty lead bricks which use 99.9 percent pure, virgin lead to effectively shield you from harmful materials or invest in custom-made lead shielding cabinets and storage containers to fully encapsulate radiation materials away from your employees and patients.

In addition to many lead shielding building options, Radiology Oncology Systems also carries borated lead polyethylene that can be used for medical vaults and doors in your radiation and medical research facility. We also supply lead glass and lead-lined plywood for effectively covering walls, ceilings and other surfaces in your practice or facility. Radiology Oncology Systems is happy to assist you with purchasing lead shielding products if you aren’t sure which materials are best for your space and budget.

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